Get Involved

Air Aberdeen is a community project, we’re all working together to build a picture of Aberdeen’s air quality. If you want to join in we’d be happy to have you!

Join the project

Our project was conceived in 2017, with the installation of an air quality unit in the Tory Area of Aberdeen by Kevin Mulherm. Since this date, there has been a wider involvement of the community, with a total installation of 26 units in the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire area. We expect a series of places to be hot spots for pollution, particularly around the Altens area, the docks and other places of industrial activity. We nevertheless encourage communities around the City of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire to get involved, so we can have accurate benchmarks and wider distribution of data.

Schools and education

One of the aims of the project is to get schools involved in the measurement of air quality in order to safeguard these populations which are more vulnerable and at risk to air pollution. We are committed to running workshops in schools, as well as installing boxes directly in the schools of Aberdeen and the Shire.  The boxes will be mounted on the side of the school buildings in order to measure outdoors pollution. Find out more about the European Environmental Agency’s clean air initiative.

Build a box

Want to build a box yourself? Come along to a build workshop, or an Air Aberdeen event and we’ll walk you through all of the steps.

We have a number of build events happening at least every few months!

Building a box usually takes less than two hours, you don’t need any special tools, or knowledge of electronics or soldering. Don’t panic! We’ll guide you through the entire process 🙂

Host a box (adopt a sensor)

Interested in looking after a sensor, but not wanting to build one? No problem!

We can provide a sensor box ready made, and if you’d like we’ll even come and install it for you.

If you’re wanting to host a sensor please get in touch. Remember the more sensors we have, the better our idea of Aberdeen’s air quality.

Sponsor a box

Getting to our goal of 100 sensors means that we need to pay for a lot of parts. If you’d like to sponsor the project by contributing to parts, events, or marketing costs it would be greatly appreciated.

The current costs of parts to build a sensor are £30. Anything you can give to the project is a big help, and we’ll be happy to add your name to our sponsor list (unless you’d like to remain anonymous of course). If you or your company sponsor at least ten sensors we’ll put your logo on the sensor page (and we’ll give you a great big thank you on Twitter and Facebook)!