Aberdeen Air Quality

We are a collective of people interested in sensors to measure air quality across Aberdeen. We recently had an event at Code the City to develop the project.

Work we did at the event can be found on Github.

What's important about air quality?

How much do you care about the quality of the air you breathe as you walk to work or university, take the kids to school, cycle or jog, or open your bedroom window?

How good is the air you are breathing? How do you know? What are the levels of particulates (PM2.5 or PM10) and why is this important?

Registering your device with Luftdaten

If you need some help registering your device with Luftdaten, you can find some helpful instructions on the following pages:



We hope to have a detailed instruction manual online soon!

Register your device with us!

If you have an air quality monitor please register it with us so that we can work together to improve the air quality data we have for Aberdeen City and Shire 😀

Upcoming activities

We are holding a sensor-building event for Tillydrone residents on Saturday 9th March.