Upcoming Events

None – due to global virus outbreak.

Previous Events

Air Quality Monitor Build Workshop – 15th Feb 2020

Saturday 15th of February from 10am to 2pm @ ONE Techhub, Schoolhill, Aberdeen. Build a sensor and be part of the global air quality sensor network.

Code the City #16 – Air Quality 2 – 8/9th June 2019

Our second major event took place the 8th-9th of June 2019 and really helped to push the project forward. As well as improving how we use the data, we also managed to get another 19 sensors built. We put together a little news post to tell you more.

Tillydrone Sensor Build – 9th March 2019

On March 9th TrustLens teamed up with Air Quality Aberdeen to build a number of sensors with people from Tillydrone. TrustLens were kind enough to sponsor 10 sensors kits for this event!

Code the City #15 – Air Quality – 16/17th Feb 2019

The first event was held as part of Code The City and took place on 16th-17th February 2019.